This web pres­ence is used by me first and fore­most to pub­lish a few basic infor­ma­tions for fam­i­ly and friends and to get acquaint­ed with web tech­nolo­gies. If oth­er fam­i­ly mem­bers would like to pub­lish some­thing here, then please feel free to con­tact me about it.

Orig­i­nal­ly, I had only reg­is­tered the domain to have a “per­son­al” email address. Only lat­er, around spring 2007, did I start to build a web site, too. The first attempts were quite fee­ble, then I tried CitiDesk, cur­rent­ly Word­Press as a con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem. The look-and-feel also went through a num­ber of phas­es.

Multiple languages

Most arti­cles and pages are avail­able in the lan­guages eng­lish, ger­man and french. But not all of them, alas! Should you desire a trans­la­tion of a spe­cif­ic page or arti­cle, please con­tact me or express your wish in a com­ment to that arti­cle.


This site sup­ports gra­vatars. Gra­vatars are images con­nect­ed to an email address, man­aged by These images are dis­played here when you enter a com­ment with the email address stored at



This web site is being oper­at­ed by:

Daniel M. Heiniger

Since this is a per­son­al web­site with no inten­tions of doing busi­ness, my per­son­al address is with­held. Please con­tact me through the con­tact form.

Thank you for your vis­it. Please come back soon! 🙂