This web presence is used by me first and foremost to publish a few basic informations for family and friends and to get acquainted with web technologies. If other family members would like to publish something here, then please feel free to contact me about it.

Originally, I had only registered the domain to have a “personal” email address. Only later, around spring 2007, did I start to build a web site, too. The first attempts were quite feeble, then I tried CitiDesk, currently WordPress as a content management system. The look-and-feel also went through a number of phases.

My full name and address can be found here, as well as a contact form here.

Multiple languages

Most articles and pages are available in the languages english, german and french. But not all of them, alas! Should you desire a translation of a specific page or article, please contact me or express your wish in a comment to that article.


This site supports gravatars. Gravatars are images connected to an email address, managed by These images are displayed here when you enter a comment with the email address stored at




This web site is being operated by:

Daniel M. Heiniger
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Thank you for your visit. Please come back soon! 🙂