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Hymn — To­tal Praise — Aca­pella Arrangement

This young man is quite impressive:

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Time for consequences

It’s hard not to ad­mire Pa­lesti­nian Aut­ho­rity Pre­si­dent Mahmoud Abbas’s brazenness.

Two weeks ago, Ab­bas si­gned on to 15 in­ter­na­tio­nal agree­ments that among other things re­quire the PA to re­spect hu­man rights and pu­nish war criminals.

And this week, he si­gned a unity deal with two ge­no­ci­dal ter­ror groups all of whose lea­ders are war cri­mi­nals. Every lea­der of Ha­mas and Is­la­mic Ji­had, the two par­ties that si­gned the deal with the PLO, are war cri­mi­nals. Un­der the Ge­neva Con­ven­ti­ons, which Ab­bas si­gned onto just a couple of weeks ago, he is re­qui­red to put them on trial, for their war crimes.

Here it is worth not­ing that un­der the Ge­neva Con­ven­ti­ons, every sin­gle ro­cket launch from Gaza into Is­raeli ter­ritory is a se­pa­rate war crime.

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The Power of Nightmares

In re­cent ti­mes, I pos­tet se­veral ar­ti­cles about Is­lam, es­pe­cially on Face­book, but also here on Heiniger-Net. Mostly in front of the back­ground that I start to be af­raid of the in­to­lerance of Is­lam and, par­ti­cu­larly, of its ra­di­cal pro­ponents, be they cal­led Is­la­mists, Wa­ha­bists or Sa­la­fists or wha­te­ver). A fri­end of mine told me that I pos­si­bly fell for neo­con pro­pa­ganda. The dan­ger is not as big as I think it is. He poin­ted me to a do­cu­men­tary made by the english BBC. I wat­ched the avail­able three epi­so­des, and I have to say that I am im­pres­sed. Please watch these one-hour epi­so­des for your enlightenment.

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Ro­ger Wa­ters Pens Scar­lett Letter

Hey look. Ro­ger Wa­ters pos­ted his frus­tra­ti­ons on Facebook.

And I see he has ques­ti­ons for Scar­lett Jo­hans­son af­ter she bra­vely took a stand for what’s right and not what’s fa­shio­nable. So Deebo from Is­rael­ly­cool de­ci­ded to help out in an­s­we­ring. Read his re­sponse here. And I de­ci­ded to post a ger­man trans­la­tion here.

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Is­la­mic Ji­had against Christians

With their ty­pi­cal mu­tual re­spect, de­vout Mus­lims have been ce­le­bra­ting Christ­mas the world over. Ji­had bom­bers mur­de­red 34 people as Chris­ti­ans were co­m­ing out of church on Christ­mas morning in Bagh­dad, and Mus­lims threa­tened and pro­tes­ted against Christ­mas ce­le­bra­ti­ons all over the world. Two days af­ter Christ­mas, Lebanon’s for­mer am­bas­sa­dor to the U.S. and at least four other people were mur­de­red in a car bom­bing in Bei­rut. That same day, ji­ha­dists kil­led 10 people with a bomb in a re­stau­rant in Mo­ga­dishu and three sol­diers with a ho­mi­cide car bom­bing in Kabul.

This text was writ­ten by Pa­mela Gel­ler und was ori­gi­nally publis­hed on WND. Read more at WND.

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Sil­ver­blue in the Ba­ro­nessa, Lenzburg

The con­cert in the Bar-O-Nessa in Lenz­burg is a while back (6.9.2013). Still, here is a sam­pler of the ta­lent of Da­niela and Mi­chael, my niece and nephew:

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Mo­rocco: The free thought fo­rum con­dem­ned the royal par­don of the Spa­nish pedophile.

In the con­text of the po­pu­lar de­noun­ce­ment, of the royal par­don of the Spa­nish cri­mi­nal con­vic­ted for ra­ping 11 Mo­roc­can child­ren, and af­ter ex­ami­na­tion of the mat­ter from a glo­bal per­spec­tive, by the free thought fo­rum, the la­ter de­cla­res to the people of Mo­rocco and ever­y­where else:

Its sup­port to the fa­mi­lies of the vic­tims and all Mo­roc­cans, and joins all free voices that had con­dem­ned the par­don, and con­side­red it an in­sult to the di­gnity of Mo­roc­can citizens.

The free thought fo­rum also calls ever­yone to take their mo­ral and po­li­ti­cal re­sponsi­bi­lity, and de­nun­cia­tes the de­cla­ra­ti­ons of the “Is­la­mist” go­vern­ment at­tempt­ing to ju­stify that wrong de­ci­sion, using lame pre­texts de­epen the in­sult in­flic­ted upon the fee­lings of Mo­roc­cans, such as “na­tio­nal in­te­rest” and “di­plo­ma­tic complement”.

The fo­rum stron­gly con­demns the sa­vage re­pres­sion of the de­mons­tra­tors who took it to the streets to ex­press their re­fu­sal of the afo­re­men­tio­ned par­don, which goes against all na­tio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal trea­ties and laws, gran­ting them free­dom of ex­pres­sion and difference.

N.B. It’s worth not­ing that the Free Thought Fo­rum is a ci­vil or­ga­niza­tion foun­ded by Mo­roc­can aca­de­mics, in­tel­lec­tu­als, ar­tists, wri­ters, pro­fes­sors, jour­na­lists, hu­man rights ac­tivists, and la­wy­ers to op­pose tu­telage and aut­ho­ri­ta­ria­nism in all forms.

Source: Ka­cem El Ghazzali

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