Lava lamp project, part 1 – hardware

I wanted to build a device that can light in different colors, and where the colors can be controlled from a computer. My idea was to hook it up with a computer, who then should signal some state by lighting the appropriate color. For example, while building and compiling a program, the lamp should blink in blue color. When the build is finished, the lamp should light either in green (when the build ran fine) or red (when something went wrong).

I found the lava lamp shown to the right, which is equipped with a color-changing LED and is powered from USB. I bought one and intended to modify the controlling electronics to my purposes.

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Marokko: Das Forum Freies Denken verurteilt die königliche Begnadigung des spanischen Pädophilen.

In the context of the popular denouncement, of the royal pardon of the Spanish criminal convicted for raping 11 Moroccan children, and after examination of the matter from a global perspective, by the free thought forum, the later declares to the people of Morocco and everywhere else:

Its support to the families of the victims and all Moroccans, and joins all free voices that had condemned the pardon, and considered it an insult to the dignity of Moroccan citizens.

The free thought forum also calls everyone to take their moral and political responsibility, and denunciates the declarations of the “Islamist” government attempting to justify that wrong decision, using lame pretexts deepen the insult inflicted upon the feelings of Moroccans, such as “national interest” and “diplomatic complement”.

The forum strongly condemns the savage repression of the demonstrators who took it to the streets to express their refusal of the aforementioned pardon, which goes against all national and international treaties and laws, granting them freedom of expression and difference.

N.B. It’s worth noting that the Free Thought Forum is a civil organization founded by Moroccan academics, intellectuals, artists, writers, professors, journalists, human rights activists, and lawyers to oppose tutelage and authoritarianism in all forms.

Source: Kacem El Ghazzali

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Frieden bedingt Liebe

Who doesn’t live in piece with himself can’t love – who loves, can’t quarrel.
We need to fight for love and about love. Who mistakes fighting with quarreling won’t find love and peace.

As long as there is quarreling about love in this world, there can’t be no piece.
Without love, the human being is empty. Empty people quarrel. Fill people with love, then you don’t have to worry about peace anymore!

— Fredy Kradolfer;

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Deutsche Firma entwickelt starke Handybatterie mit einer Lebensdauer von 20 Jahren

The youth sector is what makes up the largest population of internet users. According to the latest study by Yahoo! and ad agency Carat Interactive, teens and young adults choose to go online rather than watch television or talk on the phone. The study, which was entitled Born to be Wired, found out that people aged 13 to 24 spend an average of 16.7 hours a week online, excluding e-mail. Most of the gadgets that teens use are laptops and mobile computers. The trend is expected to go up and if that happens, expect to hear clamour for longer-lasting battery. The biggest hindrance for anyone who wants to be in front of their laptops or mobile computers is the gadgets’ batteries. And a Germany company might just have found a solution to this perennial problem.

Come 2015, teens will have more time on the internet, anytime and anywhere they want. German industrial firm Younicos and renewable power utility company Wemag AG has recently signed an agreement that will put up a 5 MW lithium-ion battery park in West Mecklenburg. The batteries will be supplied by Samsung SDI and each unit will come with 20-year guarantee. For starters, lithium-ion is a type of rechargeable battery that is common on portable gadgets. This includes smartphones and laptops. The first batch of the batteries is expected to be finished by 2014 and among the firsts that will have them are people from Schwerin.
With a 20-year guarantee on your battery, no need to worry if the gadget overheats. You will be able to do your thing as long as you want to. You can play World of Warcraft, poker, Assassin’s Creed or other compelling video games all day. Video gaming is one of the biggest reasons why teens are locked on computers. One of the games that people (mostly young adults) play on mobile computers is poker. The online version of the card game has this imperative effect that is also felt on RPGs. Poker games on websites like partypoker are naturally exciting and fun that some people don’t notice they have been in the game for five straight hours. There are also websites that offer tournaments that give people the chance to qualify for big poker stages namely the European Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, and World Poker Tour. Some of these tournaments follow a marathon format that can last for up to 24 hours.

Aside from the internet users, another party that will benefit on the Li-on deal is Samsung. There’s a big battle on smartphones. Philip Hiersemenzel from the said German firm said that “Samsung SDI’s 20-year guarantee will be the game changer” and that it will make the company more “bankable.”

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Wer wagt den Selbstcheck?

My definition of an ideological or religios fundamentalist (or the one of Thomas Binder)
(1 out of 5 criteria is enough):

  1. Who sees his “truth” as the absolute and only one possible and right.
  2. Who sees members of his “group” as a priori better people than members of other “groups”.
  3. Who accepts a significant restriction of the freedom of others for winning his own freedom.
  4. Who wants to put laws given by his leader / prophet / “God” over the (human made) legal laws.
  5. Who can’t (also) laugh about himself and about his leader / prophet / “God”.

Source: Thomas Binder on Facebook

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