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The sup­pli­er will try to offer this ser­vice as unin­ter­rupt­ed as pos­si­ble. But even with the utmost care, times of out­age can nev­er be avoid­ed. The sup­pli­er reserves the right to change his offer­ing at any time or even dis­con­tin­ue it.

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This web site con­tains links to 3rd par­ties web sites. Those 3rd par­ty web sites are sub­ject to lia­bil­i­ty of the respec­tive oper­a­tors. This sup­pli­er has checked all exter­nal con­tents, at the time of first ref­er­ence, that said exter­nal con­tents are not in legal vio­la­tion. At that time, no legal vio­la­tions have been obvi­ous. The sup­pli­er has no influ­ence whatsover on the cur­rent or future rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the sites being linked to. Set­ting a link does not mean that the sup­pli­er adopts the con­tents referred to by a link as his own. Con­stant check­ing of these exter­nal links is not fea­si­ble for the sup­pli­er with­out spe­cif­ic hints towards legal vio­la­tion. But, upon receiv­ing notice about legal vio­la­tions of linked-to con­tent, these links will be delet­ed prompt­ly.


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