Many years ago I read a book explain­ing the ancient hebrews’ sci­ence of Cab­bala. Rough­ly speak­ing, each let­ter of the alpha­bet is assigned a num­ber, and then var­i­ous cal­cu­la­tions are made with them, which can lead to insights into the per­son­al­i­ty and char­ac­ter prop­er­ties of a name or con­cept or entire group of peo­ple.

Because these cal­cu­la­tions are excel­lent­ly suit­ed to being com­put­ed by a com­put­er, I have writ­ten a piece of soft­ware for that.

Here you can ana­lyze your name, or a term, or an entire group of peo­ple. In addi­tion, you can do date analy­ses that can tell you some­thing about the con­stel­la­tion of a name on a par­tic­u­lar day in rela­tion to the birth­day.

To the name analy­sis: this way (or encrypt­ed / unen­crypt­ed direct link)