I am offer­ing email address­es of the form “<name>@heiniger-net.ch” to rel­a­tives. These email address­es can be used via a web­mail client, or via the usu­al offline-mail-pro­grams such as Microsoft Out­look or Mozil­la Thun­der­bird. For Web­mail, fol­low this link:

  • Web­mail — for @heiniger-net.ch inbox­es.

To every­one named Heiniger, being relat­ed, and not hav­ing an email account yet: More email accounts can be request­ed from me.

There is a demo user with the pass­word demode­mo, which you can use to try out how all this works.

Your user­name is the part before @ sign. I can set a new pass­word for you if you for­get it. Please read here how to find a secure pass­word.


Thanks to Google Apps (please read this lit­tle intranet FAQ), heiniger-net.ch has a kind of intra-net with many more fea­tures: