I love cats. Almost all my life I always lived with cats in the house. It started with my parents in my childhood, and continued later when I founded my own household. This page gives testimony of my love for cats.

I would like to report about my many different cats I spent my life with. Naturally, the interest in the issue of the general public will be limited. But I just love to indulge in memories… 🙂

  1. I spent the first years of my childhood with a cat, whose name I have regrettably forgotten. It was breeding a number of times, each of which was a big event for me.
  2. Flury is the cat accompanying me through my teenage years. She was a child of the previous cat. I was told later that I was clinging so much to that nice little kitten, that my mother decided to euthanize the mother cat and to keep Flury. Keeping both cats wouldn’t work, they didn’t get along with each other when Flury came of age.
  3. In the first apartment I shared with a girl-friend, we were having two kittens, two males. When the relationship split up, we shared the two cats and Bruno came with me, the other cat stayed with her. More about Bruno can be found here.[salbum=11,n,n,right]
  4. In the house I lived in with my wife and her two children, we first had Caesar. Alas, he had to be euthanized after roughly two years due to having caught the feline immune deficiency virus.
  5. After that, we had Lindt and Sprungli, who also sweetened our stay in the next big house in Egliswil.
  6. In Egliswil, we later welcomed Giorgio and Gianni.
  7. They were replaced by Tinka and Tinkus. More about them here. The Second part is here.
  8. In Zurich, when living alone again, I had Max and Mehdi, and, after Mehdi disappeared after a short while, probably taken by a fox, came Mkinousch. Max and Minousch accompanied me several years up to 2007.
  9. After my last move to a new apartment in Zurich, I got myself the latest newcomers. The names are not 100% set yet, but I tend towards “Tom” and “Caramelle”.

Oh, and, don’t forget: Here are dozens more sweet and funny cats to enjoy.