Dear friends and rel­a­tives

You are wel­come to ask me for help when you expe­ri­ence prob­lems with your com­put­er. If I am at home, and if I answer my phone, then I am most prob­a­bly going to glad­ly help. If your com­put­er still boots when turned on, and the inter­net con­nec­tion is work­ing, then, most prob­a­bly, I can solve your prob­lem online. Like, for exam­ple, com­mis­sion­ing a print­er, or check out some soft­ware should be easy over the inter­net. If things turn out to be more com­pli­cat­ed than that, then either the patient has to vis­it me, or maybe I can vis­it you to try to solve the prob­lem there. In either case, I will expect some­thing in return, such as a decent meal.

So, if you believe I can solve your com­put­er prob­lem, do this:

  1. Call me at +41 043 542 06 52.
  2. Vis­it TeamView­er and launch the free appli­ca­tion. There is no need to install it, if that can be avoid­ed.
  3. Upon my request, read to my the nine-dig­it ID, and, after that, the four-dig­it pass­word.
  4. We can now both look at your com­put­er screen simul­ta­ne­ous­ly and I can solve your prob­lem while you watch.

If you have a Lin­ux com­put­er, then we need to find oth­er means.