Dear friends and relatives

You are welcome to ask me for help when you experience problems with your computer. If I am at home, and if I answer my phone, then I am most probably going to gladly help. If your computer still boots when turned on, and the internet connection is working, then, most probably, I can solve your problem online. Like, for example, commissioning a printer, or check out some software should be easy over the internet. If things turn out to be more complicated than that, then either the patient has to visit me, or maybe I can visit you to try to solve the problem there. In either case, I will expect something in return, such as a decent meal.

So, if you believe I can solve your computer problem, do this:

  1. Call me at +41 043 542 06 52.
  2. Visit TeamViewer and launch the free application. There is no need to install it, if that can be avoided.
  3. Upon my request, read to my the nine-digit ID, and, after that, the four-digit password.
  4. We can now both look at your computer screen simultaneously and I can solve your problem while you watch.

If you have a Linux computer, then we need to find other means.