Our mail system does not enforce password rules, but I still recommend using secure passwords. A secure passwords has the following attributes:

  1. The password length is at least eight characters.
  2. The password contains at least one lower case letter.
  3. The password contains at least one upper case letter.
  4. The password contains at least one digit.
  5. The password contains at least one special character. Good fits usually are the exclamation sign !, the pound # or the pound£. Sometimes, you can also use a dollar sign $, the vertical bar | and others. It depends on the system requiring a password, which special characters are valid or not.
  6. No part of the password can be found in a dictionary, encyclopedia or thesaurus of any arbitrary language in the world. This last point cannot be stressed often enough, because hackers try complete dictionaries first when they try to identify a password.

A simple method for finding a memorable password is to find some attribute and break the name of that attribute into parts by interrupting it with numbers and special characters, intermingling it with uppercase letter at random. The number should be something that one can remember easily, but no one else knows. The place inside the word where you put the number is arbitrary and is supposed to make a hackers life more difficult.

Example: The open plan office I am working in has seven windows. The password I choose is: win7dow#

(Now this password is used, since it has been published in the internet. Therefore, do not use this exact password for yourself!)