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Two ba­bies dis­cuss in­side the mother’s womb

The source of this text about two twins, a skep­tic and an op­ti­mist, is Ji­rina Prekop, a Czech psychologist.

Two fe­tu­ses talk to each other in the womb. One is a be­lie­ver and the other is not.

Athe­ist baby: And you? Do you be­lieve in life af­ter birth?
Be­lie­ving baby: Sure. It is ob­vious that there is life af­ter birth. And we are here pre­ci­sely so we can get strong and re­ady for what awaits us af­ter that.
AB: It makes no sense. There is not­hing af­ter birth. Can you ima­gine what life af­ter birth might look like?
BB: Well, I don’t know all the de­tails. But over there, there will be ple­nty of light, ple­nty of joy. And, for example, we are go­ing to eat with our mouths over there.
AB: What non­sense! We have our um­bi­li­cal cord that feeds us. And yet, no one has re­tur­ned from that other life. By birth, life is sim­ply en­ded.
BB: No! I don’t ex­actly know what life af­ter birth is like, but we will de­fi­ni­tely see our mo­ther and she will take care of us.
AB: Mo­ther? Do you be­lieve in mo­ther?? And where is she?
BB: But she’s ever­y­where! She sur­rounds us! Thanks to her we live,and wi­t­hout her we are not­hing. She ta­kes care of us at every mo­ment.
AB: This is ab­surd! Have you ever seen her? Me neit­her! So she ob­viously does not exist. And if she does exist, why doesn’t she ma­ni­fest her­self?
BB: Well, I do not agree. Be­cause, sometimes,when ever­y­thing is quiet, then you can hear how she sings … feel how she cares­ses our world … I am sure that our real life begins af­ter birth.
AB: Well, I’m con­vin­ced that there is not­hing af­ter birth. That is all irrational.

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