I have been quite active on Wetellyou.ch between 2001 and 2006. Wetellyou.ch is a consultancy/advisory plat­form, where experts in a mul­ti­tude of fields can answer ques­tions in their area of exper­tise. The oper­a­tor has gone out of busi­ness in 2003. The web site is still up, but not tend­ed very well. There­fore, I decid­ed to re-pub­lish some of the cas­es I answered there on my blog. This is a hint towards the fact that I am still will­ing to offer that kind of ser­vices today.

I am doing con­sul­tan­cy and coun­selling in areas as diverse as:

  • Com­put­ers, Net­work­ing
  • Gen­er­al coun­selling on life and rela­tion­ship ques­tions

Here is the list of the Wetel­ly­ou posts that I pub­lished here.

If you feel I can help you in these areas in any way, please con­tact me. We most cer­tain­ly can arrange for some­thing that suits you.