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These cookies are for your convenience only. On subsequent visits the comments form will magically remember the information you entered and save you from typing it again.

Cookies are not used for tracking or any other purpose.

Email Addresses

When you make a comment or contact me using the contact page you email is required.

Please be assured that you email address will only be used for responding to your email or comment and will never be made publicly available. Your email address will never be sold or given away to anybody else.

Visitor Statistics

This website collects visitor statistics. These statistics are collected purely to identify the number of visitors to this web site, what those visitors looked at and how long they spent browsing.

The statistics gathered will only be used to judge the popularity of this web site is and to make future improvements.

Comments Policy is not responsible for comments made on articles and posts by third parties. If you find a comment unacceptable please feel free to contact me and discuss the issue.

While comments are welcome from anybody, we reserve the right to remove any comment that is not deemed suitable for publication. This could include but is not limited to objectional and abusive comments. Hate, racist comments, or any other form of prejudice will be removed and the poster banned!

Spam in any form will not be accepted.

Advertising Policy

This site accepts adverts from suitable sources. These are positioned to be as unobtrusive to visitors as possible while still serving the needs of the advertiser.

Please note that pop-up or pop-over adverts or other intrusive adverts will never be featured here.

Advertising is open to anyone including personal and commercial sites.

Adverts are accepted solely at the discretion of the Webmaster and will be judged on an individual basis. Links to questionable material will not be accepted. If unsure whether your advert will be accepted please ask.

All adverts will consist of a link and a short description of your choice and will appear site wide in the far righthand sidebar.

For further details please email me from the Contact page including the web site you wish linked to.